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Toys, Cartoons, and Dookie Water – Influences in Media August 19, 2011

Funny how all it takes is 1…1 person saying the wrong thing, 1 screw up, 1 wrong turn, 1 choice, 1 decision…

The ‘1’ in this post isn’t nearly as serious….but, all it takes is 1 thing on TV to totally change the way we see something.

3 Examples of how media screws with our my head.

Exhibit A – The Toy Phone

Thank s to Toy Story 3 every time I see this little guy on the floor I want to yell Traitor!!  Our toy phone never did anything to anyone [it doesn’t even have feelings like in the movie 😉 ]. If Toy Story, a child’s cartoon, can make one look at a toy differently, what else that we watch has the ability to do the same? More than we’d like to admit if I had to guess.

Exhibit B – Behind the scenes clips

I know I’m not the only one! I can’t be! Every time they show a behind the scenes clip of a movie or TV show, it ruins the show for me. The worst are the behind the scenes for action clips….I’ll never be able to watch The Matrix or Pirates of the Caribbean again without picturing it all being filmed on a blue screen, everyone with ropes and pulleys attached to them. Talk about ruining the movie magic! Cartoons are the same way…Once I see the face behind the animated voice it kills it! Especially if the cartoon character looks nothing like the voice actor. Perspective changes everything.

Exhibit C – Oprah and the Dookie Water – Oprah could really have a whole post done just about her influence on her viewers, and it’s ridiculousness, but not today…lol

I really wanted a bag of ice the other day (our ice makers broken, and I’m lazy, and forget to fill the ice trays), the boys and I were at McD’s for fries & pies and there was a sign ‘Bags of Ice’. Sounds like a win, right? Not for me…thanks Oprah! My brain flashed back to a special she did on fast food restaurants having ice that is dirtier than their toilet water. The episode was filmed years ago, it didn’t test any Texas fast food establishments, I don’t even know if McDonald’s was included in the testing. I have no idea what the water quality was where they tested, or how many establishments were included in testing. So why can’t I stomach the ice, even though the logical part of my brain knows that, not only is the previous true, but we have superior rated water quality here….Because the rest of my brain can only imagine that with every sip I’ll be drinking butt particles. Thanks Oprah!

Point of the post…other than to ramble away? TV/Media affects our views probably a lot more than we’d like to give it credit for. Whether it’s not drinking a drink because of a fear of butt particles, not liking someone (or a toy –hey don’t laugh) [possibly without even realizing why or that you don’t]  because of something you’ve seen but not experienced yourself, or just changing your perspective and seeing things a little differently; we need to be aware that what we watch, read, hear, surround ourselves with, all influence us (and our kids!!!!) in one way or another. Especially with kids, you never know what they are and aren’t picking up from the TV. Heck, I’m sure Oprah didn’t intend to ruin drinks from restaurants for me for life, but she did, with one 45 minute show, that’s all it took. That’s the power of media…and that power is so much scarier when it’s applied to subjects more serious than toys, cartoons, and dookie water. It’s so important to research things for yourself and form your own views, guide your kids in forming their views, and most of all just be aware that the media does influence us.

-Archer & Shrek images downloaded from Yahoo images


2 Responses to “Toys, Cartoons, and Dookie Water – Influences in Media”

  1. Okay the water….that’s flat out nasty.

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