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Stimming and Swimming August 7, 2011

Mr. Colin

Colin learned to swim! Not swim like you or I, but swim nonetheless! He can be in water over his head, he’s comfortable holding his breath under water, it’s awesome! How’d he learn to swim you ask…and what does Colin’s Custom Swim Method entail?

Stimming. Yes, Stimming….Colin is a big time flapper. His arms go a mile a minute when he gets excited. You should see him read a book or watch YouTube. His face lights up, his arms flap away, he taps his legs up and down. I’ve had days that I’ll beg him to stop. He’ll get so caught up in the stimming you can’t get him to focus.

Stick Colin in the pool and he’ll bounce up and down in the water, jumping around, and the more excited he gets the faster those little arms start flapping, and before you know it he’s treading water! In the deep end!! And somehow he makes it from one end of the pool to the other this way. His feet never lift up in the water level with his body, but this works for him. He can make it anywhere he wants in the pool this way. He taught himself, and can safely swim, with minor supervisor, it’s amazing!! What a smartie!!

Moral of the story – Everyone learns in their way …And I guess there really is a time and a place for everything…even wild crazy

Swimming and Stimming


~~~By minor supervision I mean still being outside by the pool at all times, just not having monsters climb all over me in the water….Don’t be a dumb dumb-NEVER let your kids play in a pool, even a little one, without being close enough to grab them at any moment.


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