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Stepping Up July 22, 2011

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Don’t tell me you can’t….It drives me mad! To quote my great grandmother, “Can’t never could do nothing”

These young girls say I can’t handle a kid…you should have thought about that before you got pregnant…that being said…People make mistakes, but a child isn’t one, live up to your responsibilities.

Someone reading this is saying what do I know…right? I know one of you has to be thinking it… I was that girl. Not the one that couldn’t do it, but the one that made an irresponsible decision and did what they needed to.

My story– Tony & I had met and been dating 3 months, I was 18, I’d just moved into my first apartment. 1 month into living on my own, on my 19th birthday, I found out I was pregnant. I was scared shitless. I called Tony and told him over the phone. He drove over, it was about a 1/2 hour drive between our places. As I sat and painted my toenails, because that’s the only logical thing to do when you get tough news…right?, a million things flowed thru my semi numb head.

–I’d know Tony such a short time, what would he do? How would he react?

–Did I even want to have a child? I didn’t even have an opinion on abortion at the time, it wasn’t a topic that had ever seriously crossed my mind.

–How would I raise a child, on my own or with Tony..I felt I needed a plan

–My parents??!!!!!??

–My friends, college, my apartment, my future, and the list goes on…

I finally got used to the idea of having a child, and Tony and I both agreed it took two of us to do this, we were in it together. And I found out I was having twins.

Now I’m a new mom to twins, FF 4 months and I’m pregnant again…I know what your thinking…hasn’t she figured out what causes this??

Let’s FF again…the twins are 15 months, Ryan’s a baby, and the Dr and ECI start to talk about autism. [there’s a post a few months back about that so I’ll skip ahead…]

Over the next few years we find out all 3 boys have autism, 2 have testotoxicosis {sp?}, and one has major tummy troubles and epilepsy, no one sleeps more than 2 hours without meds, all my babies are nonverbal, and guess what, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I made these little guys, Tony made these little guys, we’re in it together, and there’s no ‘I can’t handle it’, that’s not even an option, there’s suck it up and be a good parent to someone who depends on you.

I know everyone’s different and every situations different, but manning up and taking responsibility for actions should be expected in any situation.

1 child, 5 children, married, separated, doing it on your own, 15 or 50 years old, special needs or not, whatever it is just suck it up and do it….Just my two cents….



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